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Austin Collie does not want to talk about the big hit that knocked him out.  The concussion he suffered kept him out of  last weeks game, and may keep him out this week. Collie has been cleared to practice, but hasn’t been cleared to play in a game, the Indianapolis Star reports.  We are not expecting him to play this week, but it is possible.  If he is on your team start looking for another option this week.

Collie on the situation:

“I understand everyone’s concern, but I prefer not to discuss the specifics of the play in Philadelphia. I hope that can be respected,” he said. “It was a football play. And that’s part of football. Now I want to focus my efforts on continuing the gradual process of getting back on the field and helping our team.”

“Every day I feel like I am improving, and it was great to get back on the field in some capacity Wednesday,” he said. “The doctors and training staff here have been tremendous. I can’t say that enough.”

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