Mark Sanchez who injured his calf last week said that he will be fine for this week.

“After the trainers looked at it and determined it wasn’t a serious ligament injury or a knee injury, they were going to leave it up to me as far as pain tolerance [was concerned],” Sanchez said. “And once they left it up to me, I knew I was going to go back in.”

“We’re playing against a tough Texans team that’s record really doesn’t reflect their talent and their playmaking ability. This is an explosive offense and an explosive defense with a couple injuries, but guys filling in that can make plays. We just need to be more efficient in the red zone.”

Sanchez says that it’s a tough Texans team, but they are the worst pass defense in the NFL.  If you have Sanchez on your roster you have to strongly consider playing him this week.  He should be in for a big day.

  1. Sam says:

    yeah i need a little help here… who should i draft? chris ivory or tim hightower?

    i also wanted to know which of these 4 qbs is gonna do better this week, shaub, mcnabb, kitna, young? whos the second best option also?


    • Tim Hightower is the better option with Beanie Wells hurt. We like Jon Kitna, he is building a good rapport with Dez Bryant. We would normally go with Matt Schaub but he is playing the Jets. Out second option is Vince Young vs the 2nd worst pass D in the NFL, you saw Michael Vick tear them up last night, Vince Young is a similar QB to Vick and has a deep threat in Randy Moss.