Stafford didn’t practice again today even though he hasn’t officially been ruled out of this weeks game yet.  We expect Stafford to comeback to the field in week 8 after the teams bye week.  Stafford has showed promise when he has been healthy but has had tons of trouble staying on the field his first two years in the NFL.  Since being selected with the first overall pick he has had several injuries, his most recent coming against the Bears and Julius Peppers.  If you had Stafford on your team you have probably went with someone other than Shaun Hill.  Although Shaun Hill has filled in admirably posting 8 td’s, there’s no comparison to Stafford’s potential.  If you have held on to Stafford expect him back in week 8 and expect decent numbers if he stays healthy.  Also look for Calvin Johnson’s numbers to get a little boost when Stafford returns.

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  1. Will says:

    Man I loved stafford at UG but i’m starting to think he’ll never make it. I guess for him at least he got paid.

  2. Jim Anderson says:

    I need garcon to have a big season this year. I am in a 16 team yahoo league and he was my number 2 WR. Thanks pierre for screwing my team

  3. Greg says:

    So we should see stafford in a houston uniform as a backup in 5 years. That would just sum up the lions luck!

  4. FFR Squad says:

    Haha that would be horrible for the Lions. I went through that being a bears fan and it was awful. Who’s your team Mike?

  5. Mike Weber says:

    The next Rex Grossman.

  6. Greg says:

    Stafford will be injury prone the rest of his career. He’ll be an expensive injured quarterback for the next couple years.