So far both starting quarterbacks have been knocked out of this game.  Also fantasy standouts Chris Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew have been held in check.  Chris Johnson has 21 yds rushing and MJD has 17 yds rushing, both have 8 receiving yds.  Kenny Britt, Bo Scaife, and the Titans defense are making the only fantasy impact so far.

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  1. ty says:

    i set my watch list on yahoo to have my espn team, so i can use yahoos tools

  2. ty says:

    r u guys up 24/7 over there or what?

    • FFR Squad says:

      We try to stay answering questions 18 hours a day 8 am-2 am est. time. We are currently looking for a west coast writer so we can get closer to 24/7.

    • FFR Squad says:

      Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are really hectic and we try and stay as close to 24/7 as we can.

      • ty says:

        yeah i saw the live chat…seems like u guys were playing catchup the whole time

        • FFR Squad says:

          We had a ton of people asking tons of questions which was great. Some people were getting pretty mad that we couldn’t get to all their questions though. We expect double this weekend, so it should be crazy. We do have it up for five hours though and the earlier the easier it is to get through.

  3. ty says:

    yahoo updates there proj everyday when it seems espn sets it tue morning and forgets it

  4. ty says:

    and i dont have too watch that deon sanders video every time i log on to statracker

  5. ty says:

    i find ahoos projections are more accurate, and u can set lineups for future weeks. easier to look and sort through stats. projected stats are for every week, so u can see what foster is projected in wk 15 right now. just more user freindly. imo

    • FFR Squad says:

      I agree, the whole set up just seems a lot more aesthetically appealing. We are split over here though, there have been some heated arguments about it!

  6. ty says:

    i have a yahoo team and a espn team… i like yahoo’s site much better

  7. ty says:

    i had to drop nyg def to get him though. but i dont like their matchups for the rest of the season

  8. ty says:

    10 team competitive money league

  9. ty says:

    just added woodhead due to his wr/rb eligabilty…im gonna be down andre, foster, djack, floyd, and keller next week.

    • FFR Squad says:

      Wow Ty, that’s a tough week. Who else do you have besides Woodhead to fill all of those spots? Sounds like you are in for a tough week. Hopefully you have a good match up!

    • ty says:

      rodgers, driver, smith (ny), woodhead, charles, torain or forte, witten, kc, nugent… in a qb rb rb wr wr wr te k def format… i think i still have a chance

      • ty says:

        i was thinking of rolling with 1 empty wr slot but saw woodheads projected stats and how many touches he gets. that wr eligabilty is priceless

  10. ty says:

    i thing ringer is really good and all but c’mon man too many carries. 1st and goal they dont even try to get cj in the endzone the take a chance throwing it.

    • ty says:

      from the 1yrd line

      • FFR Squad says:

        I know what you mean we were thinking the same thing. At least they got CJ his 100 yds and a TD at the end of the game. Ringer looks to have some potential if he had the chance to get some more carries. Wont happen in Tennessee unless CJ gets hurt.

  11. ty says:

    who finishes the season with more fantas points, chris johnson or arian foster?

    • FFR Squad says:

      We are going to go with Foster. He has a nice lead on him now and has proven to be very effective in the pass game as well as the run game. Chris Johnson has not been catching many balls this year. Who do you think will?

      • ty says:

        i think foster also. but i wouldnt be suprised if cj strung ten 100+ games together. either way im loving my cj/foster/lt backfield. Do you think any one besides those two has a better season? ap maybe? charles(ifjones gets hurt)?

        • FFR Squad says:

          Yea that backfield you have sounds like a fantasy championship. AP, Gore, and McCoy look like they will be up there, but those two should be on top. The Titans should start throwing Johnson a couple more screens and swing passes, get him the ball as much as they can.