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Denver Broncos coach John Fox has seen enough to name Kyle Ortonhis starting quarterback.

What he hasn’t determined is who’s No. 2.  Fox said Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn have two more preseason games to win the job as Orton’s primary backup.

“Well, we’ve talked to the quarterbacks, in particular Kyle,” Fox said after practice Monday. “We’re going to name him the starter for the opener against the Raiders (on Sept. 12). We’ve not really reached a conclusion on 2 or 3 yet, and won’t, probably, until after the preseason games.”

Rookie quarterback Adam Weber, who hasn’t taken a preseason snap, said that wasn’t surprising.

“I think it just goes to show that there’s a lot of respect in the quarterback room for each other,” Weber said. “We’re all professionals. We’re all trying to just get better at our own game and I think everyone understands that each person brings something different and it’s all about the team, the focus, and that’s what Coach Fox is all about.

“And I think Kyle has taken on that role as a leader and saying, ‘It’s not about this quarterback competition and this controversy; it’s about helping out another player, another Bronco.’”


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