Depending on what team he goes to his value might get a little bit of a boost from leaving Minnesota.  Minnesota seemed fine with using Moss as a decoy to open up room for Harvin. If no one claims him by 4 P.M. EST tomorrow every team will get a chance to get him, with the Vikes picking up the tab.

Here is a list of teams that could have interest in putting a claim in on Moss:
- Dallas Cowboys
- Washington Redskins
- Chicago Bears
- St. Louis Rams
- Miami Dolphins
- Oakland Raiders
- Kansas City Chiefs
- New York Jets
- New England Patriots

What team do you think he ends up with? Do you want Moss on your team?

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  2. kelebek chat says:

    good quality post thanks

  3. Tyler says:

    The team that needs him most is the St. Louis Rams. Losing Clayton and Avery for the year, with the fact that Alexander knee seems like it will never heal, the rams NEED HIM. Adding him to their roster could turn Amendola into a Welker type, and possibly lead the Rams to the playoffs (It is the NFC West).

    • FFR Squad says:

      Moss would be a great addition to the Rams. Bradford could really use a top notch receiver like that to put him over the top. You are right about Amendola benefiting from this, he would be able to really work the middle of the field with Moss taking a lot of pressure off him. Next year if they resigned him they would have a great receiving core. Clayton, Amendola, and Moss would be great.

    • The rams have a good team this year. The fact that they took steps to sign TO during the offseason means they could definatly jump into the mix to pick up Moss. It would spread the field big time and allow the rookie Bradford to really open it up.

  4. Keith says:

    I think he’ll end up on one of the Cali teams (not Oakland though). Would be interesting to see him on the bears but dont think it’ll happen

    • Jimmy says:

      I am a huge Chargers fan and really hope they go after him hard! Moss and Rivers would be great together. I hope you are right Keith!