We Mixon It Up in big trouble this week???

Posted: 13th December 2018 by FFRSquad-Rob in Gameday Chat
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We mixon it up has been a front runner all season coming into this weeks semifinal matchup. Unfortunately for Mixon it up he got the worst possible draw, he has to face G. We are predicting a blow out like no fantasy team has ever seen. G 212 – Mixon it up 97.45. This all comes down to which team has more talent, and Mixon it up just doesn’t stack up against a team like G’s. We predict G to beat Mixon at every position other than Kicker, where we give Mixon a slight .5 pt advantage for the week. This just isn’t the year for Mixon, maybe next year you will get a better playoff draw.

Fearless forecast:

Mixon: 4.77 pts

Julio: 1.44 pts

Kelce: -2.4 pts (2 fumbles and an int)

Lutz: 13 pts

AP: 6.33 pts

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