Arizona RB Beanie Wells sustained a back injury in Week 8 against Tampa Bay and will be evaluated during the week. Wells said he is fine and could have gone back into the game. He led the Cardinals with 50 yards on the ground on Sunday after he was named the starter by coach Ken Whisenhunt. He had 16 carries and found the end zone in the second quarter. He also had one catch — on two targets — for 14 yards. Source:

    • FFRSquad-Rob says:

      This will certainly be a close matchup, with only a few concerns on either side. Your running back corp is solid, but a little light with your receivers. Team 2 stronger receivers, but in the end your team has a slight edge. Adrian Peterson will face a daunting challenge this week in an unfavorable environment, with no offense and a tough Bears defense stacking 8-9 guys in the box, but is still a hard sit. Greg Jennings could be productive, but we’d feel more confident with Aaron Rodgers playing. The same goes for your opponent with Bowe.

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