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According to the Washington Times, Cooley is set to play some fullback against the Buffalo Bills in place of the injured Darrel Young. Cooley has proven his worth as an in-line blocker from the TE position, but can he handle the rigors of doing so out of the backfield?

“As far as getting the blocks done, I’ve never had a problem getting the blocks done out of the backfield,” Cooley proclaimed Monday. “Would you ever look at me as a punishing, Mike Sellers-, Darrel Young-type of blocker? No, but I’ll get the block in the hole and I’m going to get my hat on the linebacker and the running backs always have a chance to make a cut.”

Cooley’s versatility can only help him win a roster spot and help him stay on the field. With Cooley’s ability to catch the ball he could see a few balls thrown his way out of the backfield.

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